Equine Animal bedding options When we talk about bedding for horses, it becomes a misconception that they need a soft and comfortable bed similar to human beings. Of course, not. They just need bedding which will absorb the wetness...

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Difference between Basmati and Non-Basmati rice It was that time of the month when we had visitors and all the restaurants around our small town were already filled with people. We sauntered our way to a dingy looking restaurant,...

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How to choose a high quality coco peat product? The bus journeys to school were awesome, mainly because of the long hours spent in chatting with our friends and partly because of the lush green fields and husking centres...

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Tapioca Starch in food industry Tapioca is a starch obtained from Cassava roots and originated mainly in Brazil. As it spread across continents, Cassava root became commonly known as Tapioca. Today, in India, we associate tapioca with the vegetable...

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Srilankan Cinnamon and Vietnam Cassia spices The aromatic smell of cinnamon from the oven tickled our nose, permeated the house and rocketed us to a whole new world. You need to smell the aroma to relate to the above...

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