What are coir grow bags?

Coir is the fibrous by product derived from the humble coconut shell. Simply put, it is a wonder creation that is obtained from a seemingly waste product. Initially, coir was thought to have very limited utility and was mainly employed for use in manufacturing brooms, mats, ropes and cords. However, it is also believed that the use of coir as a growing medium was developed and furthered in India and China. It’s only fair to say that the true worth of this medium was discovered in recent times with coir being hailed as the next best thing in soil less gardening techniques.

Coir grow bags are one of the most eco-friendly growing medium in today’s times and there has been a marked increase in the number of people opting to grow a vegetable garden in coir grow bags.

Coconut coir is sourced from India and from different parts of the world with differing chemical and physical properties depending on the country of origin. However, its efficacy as a growing medium is much more superior compared to any other growing medium.

Coir Grow bags outperform any other grow bag

Coconut coir has high salt content, it is especially rich in potassium and chloride; hence before manufacturing and transplantation the coir is pre treated and made suitable for further use. Nonetheless, coir is mainly made up of a soft structure that furthers effortless root dispersion and promotes healthy growth; perhaps that is why it is widely used for growing fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, in home gardening, rose cultivations and in the hydroponics industry at large.

Coir Grow Bags are 100% Eco Friendly

Coir grow bags have proven to be an extremely versatile, biodegradable, 100% eco-friendly, fully renewable material procured from Mother Earth, in addition, these bags have presented a consistent quality alongwith a high water-retention capacity. It has been observed that coir grow bags retain water up to eight times its actual weight, besides releasing water over an extended period of time, thereby taking care of frequent watering needs and providing excellent drainage and aeration to the roots. It maintains an optimum air water ratio at all times.

Coir Grow Bags helps for Root Growth

Coir grow bags are intrinsically nutrient rich and have the best physical and chemical properties that promote better root growth and healthier plants or crops. Plants grown in coir grow bags are not just healthier but also have a better root growth compared to other growing mediums. There is never a difficulty with regard to fungus growth in the soil, as coir fundamentally has many anti-fungal properties.

Coir Grow Bags are Easily Re-hydrate

Coir grow bags are extremely easy to re-hydrate even after they’ve dried out. Besides, the degradation is very slow thereby offering a shelf life of over three years. As these coir grow bags are light in weight, they are easy to handle and convenient to move about.

Coir Grow Bags are Reusable
Many people prefer to cultivate their vegetable garden exclusively in these coir grow bags as they are odourless with very little land preparation needs. The results are a better harvest with plump fruits and vegetables as there is little nutrient wastage in addition to a huge savings with regard to labour cost and reusability factor.

Typically coir grow bags will nearly have no weed growth, are PH neutral, inexpensive and will never develop crack-ages. Besides, the coir doesn’t shrink, so the grow bags maintain their structure and are easy to reprocess for several crop cycles. It is easily disposable without any environmental hazards. The only care to be taken before transplantation of another crop is of careful sterilization of the coir in the grow bag.

Coir grow bags are the ideal vegetable garden substitute in lieu of soil. It is in fact one of the best options today and has offered gardeners with endless advantages such as a deep, well drained and highly organic growing medium. Develop your kitchen garden with coir grow bags and you will get not just good seed germination but a bountiful harvest of garden crops.


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