Top 6 Uses of Coco peat grow bags

A visit to a farm house included a greenhouse, which housed plants using a technique called hydroponics. Hydroponics is a soil-less method of growing plants, using water. It simply means “working with water”. It was fascinating to see something different. Soil is believed to be associated with plants and growing of plants. But, here was something which was quite contrary to the belief.

This technique dates back to the marvelous floating gardens of China or the Ancient Egyptian times. Since then, it has been passed on with so many changes and additions.  Peat moss was characteristically used to grow plants by providing required nutrients to the plants. Today, it has been revived through coco peat products and substrates.

One of the aids which assists in hydroponics is coco peat grow bags. These grow bags are made from specially designed coco coir and coco husk crush material and are extremely useful. Some of the ways in which they are useful are listed below.

1. Size does not matter – Coco grow bags are used mainly in large projects like green houses,  farms, horticulture, landscaping to smaller ones like terraced garden or kitchen garden. It can be used for setting up of soil conditioner in a golf course or in a mushroom industry.

2. Easy Portability – Either when used in large working area like greenhouses or smaller ones like terraced garden, its first main use lies in carrying it anywhere, according to the lighting and source of water.

3. Customize the bags These grow bags can be customized according to different plants based on their required size and holes can be made accordingly. An appropriate level of UV radiation is also taken into consideration while customizing the bags. These might range from 2-4 years. There is no one size fits all solution here.

4. Re-usability of grow bags – Grow bags can be reused after a harvest for another one, until there are no chances of any plant disease already in the bags.

5. A substitute for potting soil – Regardless of the climatic condition of the region, vis-à-vis, winter weather or extreme summer, grow bags act as a medium for the plants to grow. They generate produce throughout the year where field grown vegetables are a rarity because of climate and the high land prices.

6. Draining and Holding Water – These grow bags hold less water and are porous in nature. This helps in the right growth of the plants. Excess water will be drained off and the coco grow bag, which is rich in nutrients will keep the root system hydrated. It is a dual process system which is very effective.

It is a boon to have such system in place today, where growing of plants can be continued without a break due to many unavoidable conditions mentioned above. The easy portability makes it one of the top functional products of coco peat.


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