Coco peat- The better choice

To fully appreciate why coco peat is such a hugely popular choice, one must understand this growing medium in detail. To begin with, coir is procured from industries that utilise coconut and coconut husks; the coco peat is derived from these coconut husks and later processed and graded according to its density and quality. While some goes into the use of mattresses, ropes, carpets, doormats and upholstery stuffing, there has been an interesting utility of coco peat in horticulture as organic manure converted through the use of biotechnology.

Coco peat is a multi-tasking growing medium; it has a high capacity of retaining water, dries out effortlessly and re-hydrates easily too. It has superior aeration and is lightweight. Plus, there are many other exclusive benefits that far outweigh this growing medium compared to others.

From Earth to your Table- it’s a green yield all the way

Coco peat is used widely as a growing medium, but that’s not all, many gardeners have discovered that coco peat is also an ideal potting mix. Combine it with other mediums, such as vermi-compost, manure, fertilizers and mulch and you’ll end up with super enriched soil.

Soil quality has a key role in the making of luscious green home/ terrace gardens and it is no secret that lawns and nurseries look evergreen because of a nutrient-rich soil. Die-hard gardening fanatics swear by coco peat based growing mediums, as it is fuss-free, expedient and even manages to take care of factors like salinity and microbial growth. Coco peat can be used as a re-conditioner to soil or can be used in its pure form through coir grow bags available in the market. In both cases, there is an improvement in the soil structure and root systems.

Landscaping artists have found the use of coco peat to be a boon when developing beds of soft fruit / flower plantations. Not only is it a lightweight, nutrient-rich powerhouse, but because it is highly porous it cannot be over watered easily (resulting in savings in irrigated water bills), besides it can be re-used up to three times with little loss of yield, thereby creating a durable and long lasting landscaped garden.

Coco peat is a completely natural and organic product derived from a completely natural source. It is hailed as Mother Nature’s magical gift that miraculously transforms hardened and caked up soil to make it loose and nutrient rich. The end result is a healthy root system with optimum air porosity, even water distribution, a healthier plant growth and a better yield of crops.

Fruit and vegetable plants such as tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, salads, cucumbers and roses seem to thrive in coco peat based growing mediums. The produce is plump fruits and vegetables that grow quicker and healthier compared to other growing mediums. Many have opted to use coco peat as a substrate for cultivating mushrooms. The coco peat mixture lasts for a long time and growers simply add fresh coco peat once in about three months or so.

Convenient and eco-friendly coco peat products are a clear winner in organic farming techniques.

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